Where We Started

XtremeHost was founded in October 2017. To set main goals in the web hosting industry and introducing a new set of standards in cloud hosting. Well looking at our competitors and looking into how USA market operate in cloud hosting industry there was lack of cheap prices and great service this is why XtremeHost was born. To offer the hosting industry lowest price with premium service.

Our 4 Beliefs

  • To set the goal to be number one in web hosting industry.
  • Serve our customers with premium service.
  • We promise that you will always be treated with respect.
  • Strive for success and happiness.

Introducing XtremeHost Standards

One of our main goals is to set new Standards for web hosting industry. At XtremeHost we offer No Contract with all our services. Any Promotion prices will be Final Price. We provide Great Products at Lowest Price. The big key to success is Strive for success and happiness. To be success trust the people you are around with and Treat with Respect.

Our Standards

  • No Contract.
  • Promotion to be final price.
  • To offer great products at lowest price.
  • Trust the people you are around with. Treat with respect.