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  • "Michael was very attentive to all of my needs. Even after I cancelled my services, he talked to me and told me he had servers in the US he could use and even went as far to match my current provider's monthly price. He even gave me a free month while I haggle out with my current provider. I would DEFINITELY recommend RadioShout if you are looking for an affordable streaming service with a human touch!"
    - 06/09/2015

  • "Michael and XtremeHost has been a true blessing to our Charity ChronicPainSociety.com when we first met earlier this month due to our former web host and streaming company flaking out on us telling us we needed to find a new provider with no time to spare we came within 2 hours of losing 8 months of hard work and never mind the money. I contacted Radioshout.net and Mr. Michael L owner and Founder and told me of our certain online death. He immediately jumped into action and opened us up an account but not just any web hosting account we were able to afford our own dedicated server and because his services also including free web hosting we had exactly what we needed. Michael did not stop there our initial website/radio station which teaches Chronic Pain and Pain Management Programs, as well as Rx Abuse Prevention, was built on the Joomla.com CMS which I was having trouble with. Michael at Radioshout.net suggested we turn to WordPress as our new CMS and he said I would not be sorry - I told him I did not know how to rebuild such a complex platform he and I hooked up on a Team Viewer connection and right before my eyes he started his magic as I like to call it. This young man spent countless hours over the next several days building our new website (Feature Rich) and embedding our Talk Radio News Station which is one of our main venues that sets us apart from the rest of the charities in our specialty, these charities need all the help they can get from people and organizations such as ours its not a competition out here its combined teamwork and Radio Shout has now become part of our team. Our hosting cannot be better our website and talk Radio Station sounds superb and Most anytime I need my web guy at Radio Shout Michael's green support chat tab is well lit up Green and for the 50 plus times I have used it he has always met me with the good old Hello UK style "Cheers," and is ready to help. Michael and Radioshout.net are like this with all of his client's both new and existing customers Customer Satisfaction are his number one Goal and I am perfect proof of someone who is satisfied. \r\n\r\nI will remain loyal to XtremeHost as long as they will have me I can offer this little advice if your tired of Streaming you hard earned money straight into someone else's pockets with crummy services then Check out my friend and Hero at large from Radioshout.net Because I promise you it was Painless! Thank You, Tony Baptista Founder and Pain Advocate ChronicPainSociety.com here on facebook.com/chronicpainsociety"
    - 11/09/2015

  • "We have 8 years Internet radio broadcasting , we have used the services to other companies and in all this time the best service , human quality and excellence has been XtremeHost . I recommend this definitive streaming. Bendiciendo Radio"
    Eduardo Peraza - 11/09/2015

  • "XtremeHost services are so good. I am really very happy to get there services. I definitely recommend XtremeHost if you are looking for an affordable streaming service."
    Sourav Biswas (SoftTechBD) - 13/09/2015

  • "Our net-radio WEATNU [OUR] has never sounded better, since using 320 kbps on your service. The price is very affordable. And the online chat support is friendly. We would recommend XtremeHost to anyone.\r\n\r\nAlmark - WEATNU [OUR] Online Underground Radio."
    Almark Thaolen (Weatnu Records) - 26/09/2015

  • "I'll be waiting for the improvement with our upgrade to 192kbps. And thank you very much for the good service provided."
    Daniels Reys (Global Services Inc) - 12/10/2015

  • "The stream is good and your service is great."
    Konrad Swaby - 20/10/2015

  • "thank you very good your service reliable"
    walter comer (radioWALLY) - 30/10/2015

  • "XtremeHost service is superb... many thanks from Steve @ Groove FLow Radio"
    Steven Jennings (Groove Flow Radio) - 17/11/2015

  • "Do you know the feeling of paying a lot of money to some big corporation that takes pride in the fact that they have great customer service? Well, all of those big corporations are brought to shame by the costumer service Michael gives! Michael is amazing! He has the best costumer service i have ever in counted in my life! I have only recently had the privilege to meet him, and i hope to work with him along side me, for along time to come! \r\n\r\nIf you are looking to start a radio station then this is the place to start!"
    kalman feld - 02/01/2016

  • "XtremeHost has been providing excellent service to us at reasonable prices"
    Francis Louie Mangubat - 07/01/2016

  • "Excellent Support though live chat and e-mail! Michael has helped me with my website hosting account when I was having problems connecting with the TK domain which we changed over to my Domain to resolve the issue. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of ordering a streaming service or website to order here as you can't beat these prices. Anyone interested in rare AM-FM radio shows visit my station. CDs and digital downloads available. Thanks again! \r\nhttp://www.davesairchecks.com"
    Dave Freeman - 28/01/2016

  • "Michael offers a great service and EXCELLENT support for all your needs!"
    - 12/12/2016

  • "Ahh so here we go, this is going to be great but this place deserves its review from me..\r\n\r\nI joined this site a good few years back, had many products from Michael, he's helped me a lot by building websites, radio stations, servers and more, he's had me part of his support team for a while there, had to take leave due to life being busy but this didn't stop RadioShout continuing its greatness, Michael is fantastic at what he does, he knows how things should be setup and ran, his customer service support is top notch, he is willing to do anything for anyone, its a neat service he has going. Where else would you find these kind of deals he has going on? nowhere I tell you! His support goes above and beyond any other companies, he dives into save people. Great guy, i give him 100/100 rating! glad to be back using his services again!\r\n\r\n~Michael Burns~"
    - 14/12/2016

  • Arsalan Haider (GupShupCorner.net) - 07/03/2017

  • Joel Rivera - 12/03/2017

  • "love the service guys "
    Darcy Key - 18/03/2017

  • "Top service...wat kan ik nog meer zeggen !"
    Kees Geers - 20/03/2017

  • "I started blind and did had some problems (on my account) :) So I made a ticked and there was a quick respond and helped me so far.\r\nLook ok to me for now."
    M.J. Luijk (TheAlternative) - 11/12/2015

  • "I think this is one of the best places to go for a radio stream , if your looking to get a radio stream i suggest you radioshout it is good and i never run into any problems!"
    Noah Houser (MajorBassRadio) - 31/10/2016

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